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Consultation Services

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best suitable accommodation

Finding the best suitable accommodation in a budget-friendly area as per your needs

Writing a detailed resume

We provide the comprehensive and detailed resume designing consultation

outshining personal statement

Preparing a refined and outshining personal statement

Documentation Preparation

Chalking out other documents that help you secure your admission t from it.

All The Details About Our Consultation Services

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Students are likely to get confused among institutes as well as degree programs when it comes to applying for higher education in foreign countries. And that’s ok because there are so many options and attractive programs to choose from. By the way, this is not the only difficulty they come across while planning to pursue their degrees. They face various other problems as well; for instance, finding the best institutes for their particular discipline, searching for research labs of their choice, figuring relatively cheaper cities or areas for accommodation, understanding living conditions in the desired country, obtaining a student visa, and preparation of required documents (personal statement, recommendation letters, detailed resume etc.). All these tasks are time-consuming and are a big hassle for students who are already stressed with the idea of leaving their home country and settling into another. However, help from professional consultants at Study Language can make your life a lot easier.

We at Study Language offer guidance and consultancy in all the above-mentioned hitches specifically customised for your needs. The team at Study Language will assist you in

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