Find a Course

Find a Course

Some students might not feel the need to find a tutor solely for themselves but still need a course (either a language learning course or a deficiency course) to fulfil the requirements of the discipline they are trying to seek admission in. Well, for such cases, we have a series of online courses available to cater to your needs. There are two types of courses Study Language offers

  1. Language courses
  2. Deficiency courses

Language Courses

We help you get your hands on the best language courses that improve your speaking, listening, reading, and even writing skills in that language. Such courses will help you cross the language barrier you might be facing in taking admission to the school of your choice. Our hand-picked professionals take pleasure in assessing your needs and guiding you about both short-term and long-term language learning courses. We also take you through certain online tests so that you can test your language abilities before and after the courses. These tests will further help you practice language writing and reading before you attempt your required exams. So sign up with us today to secure your language deficiency concerns, no matter where you are coming from.

Deficiency Courses

Curriculums for the same disciplines vary from institute to institute and country to country. One course that your institute might have skipped during the degree might be an essential requirement for some other institute. This difference in curricula and study materials put so many students in trouble while seeking admission in the United Kingdom or while trying to switch their disciplines due to changes in interests. In such cases, students are asked to go through all the hassle of finding some academy or institute on their own and prepare for the left-out courses in order to take the exam of the course their current academic background is deficient in. But with Study language, all this hassle is minimised and fulfilling your deficiency courses is genuinely at a click’s distance. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with us and let us guide you through this highly challenging process.